Introducing RightJoin


I have decided it’s time to up my blogging game. Which isn’t a high bar considering the previous posts on this blog, but let’s atleast start, shall we? I am writing this post introducing RightJoin as well as all the features RightJoin offers and plans to offer moving forward.

A quick intro about me- my name is Sangy. I am a data scientist, live in Seattle, and currently f’unemployed while fun exploring entrepreneurship, AI and being a new dad. If, for any reason, you wish to contact me, please email ([email protected]) or use the contact form on the landing page, I will personally respond back. RightJoin is my favorite project from this past year of dabbling with various projects, and hope to grow it into a business very soon. The mission is to help candidates maximize their interviewing potential by practicing in mock interviews, and hopefully land their dream jobs.

How did it start?

RightJoin has been the biggest and most exciting project for me this year (2023). It started as a newsletter sharing AI-generated mock data science interviews, since a common theme on the r/datascience sub-reddit, which I frequently skimmed through as a data scientist myself, was interview-related. Early 2023 was also when we most tech companies laid off hundreds of employees in the name of… cost cutting following over-hiring in prior years? (it makes less sense now than it did back then). But more importantly, 2023 has also been the year that Large Language Models have announced themselves as the new software paradigm.

These factors combined, my fun experiments with LLMs in early 2023 began by simulating job interviews and have culminated into RightJoin- a mock interview application to help anyone practice for job interviews with an AI bot role-playing as the hiring manager.

It doesn’t -

-cost a $100 for an actual mock interview

-make you feel awkward practicing with your best friend

It does -

-a fair job simulating an actual interview

-help you sell your skills better with targeted feedback

-improve your confidence a great deal so you ace your real interview

Interviewing is like a workout

Preparing for job interviews is a tedious mental task. There is usually more questioning in our own minds than in the actual interview. The trick, I have learned, is to treat it like exercise, where your performance is directly correlated with the amount of practice interviewing, as much as just knowing the right answers. In my very first job interview, i could barely hear the interviewer over the phone, but I was such a noob that it never occurred to me to raise that issue, instead ended up bombing that interview. Practicing helps with calming your nerves, and completely changes your mindset so you can be best positioned to showcase your skills.

RightJoin is designed to get your pre-interview reps in the gym.


Warm-up let’s you, the user, get your feet wet with the concept of RightJoin - which is to have our AI hiring manager generate questions relevant to your role, give you feedback on your answer as well as generate a sample answer as a comparison benchmark.

Type your role to get personalized questions
Click on a question to record your answer and get feedback or see a sample answer


Once you’re warmed up, it’s time to get serious. There are 2 steps at the core to make the most of RightJoin-

  • Create your Candidate profile- share a little about your background so interviews are tailored to you. You can either upload your resume or type a short summary. This helps tailor questions, feedback and helps your personal AI avatar answer questions for you based on your background.
  • Setup an Interview- do you have an upcoming interview? On RightJoin, you can simulate it by setting up an interview with the exact same job posting or topic you want practice with, so your brain is primed to take on the real interview. In the background, RightJoin selects a skill that is relevant to the job, your seniority and background and scripts interview questions to quiz you on.

That’s it. You can open your interview when ready to have a go.

List of interviews

The Real Mock Interview

Each interview is designed to focus on a specific skill and set of evaluation areas based on the context. Hang on, what are skills and evaluation areas?

A RightJoin Skill is a specific topic that companies usually evaluate candidates on, similar to the Amazon Leader principles. Evaluation Areas are the basis for the interview questions, derived from the skill, interview format (technical, behavioral etc.) as well as the candidate role.

Interview Details

The ‘interview’ is the best feature on RightJoin- it is designed to converse with you like a real human being, i.e. answer your clarifying questions as well as ask follow-up questions. Depending on the difficulty setting, the extent of grilling can vary. The interview can be done completely through chat or by speaking (make sure you have your microphone enabled).

The hidden-in-plain-sight gem is the 🤖 AI button - it let’s you have your personal AI (that knows your background) answer question for you., while you sit back and admire it’s your answer.

The Interview


Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results

Unless you incorporate the right constructive feedback and improve along the way.

RightJoin feedback looks at each evaluated area in the interview, and gives a detailed strength/improvement report. Make sure to ingest

Detailed targeted feedback for each section of the interview


RightJoin is evolving & improving everyday, as I hear back from our lovey users. Some of the features in the works are-

  • progress tracking - track your performance across all skills to make sure you progress with practice
  • share your interviews with your coach
  • form a study group and compete with your friends

P.S. Starting January 2024, RightJoin will be transitioning from our free plan to a new, comprehensive subscription model. This evolution marks a significant step in our commitment to providing a high-quality, robust interview preparation tool, and enables us to offer even more value and advanced features to our users.